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  1. Networking

    Networking connects you to the people who can help you progress your career or business. It’s a two-way conversation and doesn’t need to be scary.

    Follow these 5 tips to get more from your networking this Spring!

    1. Know what you want and why you want it - be clear about what you are asking for so that people can help you.
    2. Ask a curious, open question - turn the spotlight on others and be exquisitely fascinated by the people you meet.
    3. Nothing to say? Ask for AIR ( Advice, Insights and Recommendations on something you are working on).
    4. It’s not a numbers game - one or two positive conversations are far more valuable than a scattergun approach.
    5. Always follow up - Connect on social media, make a recommendation, send an interesting article by email or arrange another meet-up.


    Networking is key leadership skill everyone can learn.

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  2. Confidence

    Do you find it difficult to talk positively about your ideas, achievements and what you want at work? This challenge comes up regularly in my coaching sessions, so I got curious and asked a number of people I know who feel they’ve been successful in their careers for their insights on what gets in their way and what helps: them.

      “What stops you from talking positively about yourself?"

    • Embarrassment - worried that I’m boring other people or talking too much
    • Feels egotistic - I want to speak out but a voice in my head say’s “I’m not good enough”
    • Language barrier - if English isn’t your first language there’s a fear of being laughed at because your accent is different, or you make a mistake
    • Self-doubt: “I’m not enough”
    • Fear of negative or critical feedback from others

     “What is your top tip for talking confidently about yourself?”

    1. Feel the fear and do it anyway!
    2. Ask yourself “what is the worst that can happen?” Is it really that awful?
    3. If you don’t try, you'll never get better - so don’t wait to be perfect!
    4. Be natural - soft, let your personality come through, feeling, energy - be authentic. Be you! Then people feel they can trust you.
    5. Write down the good feedback that people give you and read it when you get home
    6. Show your passion
    7. Give yourself time to prepare - video or record yourself and play it back.

    Know someone who is struggling with talking about themselves at work? Pass these tips on to them!

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