5 Tips To Nail Your Networking!

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Networking connects you to the people who can help you progress your career or business. It’s a two-way conversation and doesn’t need to be scary.

Follow these 5 tips to get more from your networking this Spring!

  1. Know what you want and why you want it - be clear about what you are asking for so that people can help you.
  2. Ask a curious, open question - turn the spotlight on others and be exquisitely fascinated by the people you meet.
  3. Nothing to say? Ask for AIR ( Advice, Insights and Recommendations on something you are working on).
  4. It’s not a numbers game - one or two positive conversations are far more valuable than a scattergun approach.
  5. Always follow up - Connect on social media, make a recommendation, send an interesting article by email or arrange another meet-up.


Networking is key leadership skill everyone can learn.

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